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Important 800 GK Questions Asked in 2016 Exams [PDF]

Hello Wanna Be Officers,
A collection of 800 question from the exam papers of 2016 is available to download here in pdf. All the exams held in 2016 has asked different level and type of GK questions and surely it is going to help students in the coming exams. These questions are collected from ssc, ibps, sbi, rrb and other bank exams question papers. GK section of exam papers is totally based on the memory you have of any fact asked, and if you do it saves the time as it hardly takes 10 sec to answer the question but also increases the confidence for the other sections and this becomes a WIN WIN situation any way. Download the PDF from below given link and start preparing to score high and eventually become officer. :)
Some GK Questions from the 2016 Exam Question's PDF:Where is YES Bank Headquaters situated? – MumbaiWhere is NICL HQ situated? – KolkataWhere is SIDBI HQ situated? – LucknowWinner of Italian Tennis Open women singles is? – Serena WilliamsNational Science Day is cel…

[PDF] Hand Written Math Notes for SSC CGL & CHSL

Hello Wanna Be Officers,
Complete math notes for ssc cgl and chsl  handwritten by sandeep bohey is must for all the aspirants around. In this PDF the math principles, shortcuts, tricks and examples are included to make the topic understand clearly as per the ssc standards. Download now the PDF from below given link and score high, as math known to be the most important, critical and scoring section of the exam papers.
The Topics included in this pdf are generally based on figures that is triangle, polygon, circle, parallelogram and much more, so it becomes quite easy to remember them if all are written and figured together via hand writing.
Topics of Math Included in the PDF:AlgebraTrigonometryGeomtery2D Mensuration3D Mensuration
Download Free Math Shortcuts & Study Notes PDF Here: PDF Size: 22 MB • Credit: Sandeep Bohey
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[PDF] Top 50 Important Idioms with Examples

Hello Wanna Be Officers,
Top 50 Important Idioms and Phrases with Examples is here available to download in PDF format. English covers a major section of the exam paper in all the exams including ssc, ibps, sbi and rrb after math section, so it becomes quite important to score good marks in english section along with mathematics section. This pdf consists of 50 idioms and phrases that are important from exam point of view with explanation and examples, so you can remember them easily and can keep in your head till exam day.
Don't try to rush and remember them all in one day, you can't. Just pick some at a time and remember them well and prepare the pdf over a span of 10 days.

IDIOMS with Examples from the PDF: 1.  Tricks of the trade Explanation ► Clever or expert way of doing something. E.g. ► Being into the business for last 10 years, I know all tricks of the trade.
2.  Have on the brain   Explanation ► Thinking or talking about it all day long. E.g. ►  He has just got enga…