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Top 100 Computer GK Questions for SSC Exams [PDF]

Hello Wanna Be Officers,
Computer awareness is combinedly asked with general awareness but 4 to 5 questions are always there with little up downs in the exam papers these days. Here sharing the important 100 one liner questions previously asked or important from exam point of view. Download the pdf and prepare the one liner questions for your upcoming exam as being in one liner these are very easy to remember but at the same time will benefit you during the exam in scoring marks and saving time for math and reasoning sections.
Some Questions from Computer Awareness for SSC PDF:IBM stands for__?  - International Business MachinesOffice LANS, which are scattered geographically on large scale, can be connected by the use of corporate__?  - WAN ( wide area network )To move a copy of file from one computer to another over a communication channel is called? File TransferLarge transaction processing systems in automated organisations use__?  - Batch ProcessingMICR stands for__…

1000 One Liner Computer Awareness Questions [PDF]

Hello Wanna Be Officers,
A collection of 1000 basic computer awareness questions asked previously in one or more exams. Four to five questions are very common these days in bank and ssc exams and being very busy studying math and english, we usually ignores these general science and computer questions. But these are the most easy and scoring questions if you know the answers, and it's very easy to study and remember them as they can easily be related to your life.
Download the Computer awareness pdf of 1000 one liner questions and start studying if you haven't started yet. :)
One Liners Included in Ultimate 1000 Computer Awareness Questions's PDF:Computer language COBOL is useful for commercial workCOBOL is a high standard language like EnglishIn computer the length of a word can be measured by byteByte is the unit of storage mediumROM is not a computer languageOracle is a database software Download Best 1000 Computer Awareness Questions Capsule PDF Here: PDF Size: 456 KB…