Top 100 Physics GK Questions for SSC Exams [PDF]

[PDF] Top 100 Important Physics GK GS Questions for SSC CGL/CHSL & Bank PO/Clerk Exams - Download - SSC Officer

Hello Wanna Be Officers,
Science GK is seems quite tought and hard to study for all the non-science aspirants, who want to make it big in the exams like ssc, ibps and sbi. Here we brought to you top 100 physics one liner questions and answers generally asked in ssc exams by Online Mentors. Physics one liner questions are very simple but tricky, you need to have knowledge of that particular topic only than you will be able to answer the question and if you know they hardly it will take 5 seconds to put the marks in your pocket. Download the pdf and try to remember 20 one lines daily and in 5 days you will be having 100 most important questions for your exam in your head and believe us, somehow they going to help you score high in ssc and bank exams.
All the Best for your preparations. :)

Some Physics GK Questions from the Best 100 Question's PDF:

  • Distance of stars are measured in___? - Light Years
  • Nature of sound wave is ____? - Longitudinal
  • Which is used to initiate fissions ?  - Neutrons
  • The total internal reflection can occur when light pass from___.  - Denser to Rarer medium
  • Who discovered Diode Bulb ? Sir J. S. Fleming
  • Radio waves of constant amplitude can be generated with___? Oscillator
  • What is the SI unit of luminous intensity? Candela
  • What is the name of short duration wave? Pulse

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