Complete Ancient History Notes for SSC CGL [PDF]

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Ancient is one of the toughest part to study as well as to remember but when the target is to become an officer ,you need to go through it and to hep you out in this journey, we brought to you the complete ancient history notes for ssc cgl by the renowned publisher Disha Publication. Download the pdf and make a plan to study topic wise daily, starting small. Don't forget that you are not downloaded this pdf to complete but to remember, so go slow but prefect.
Happy studying ... be an officer soon. :)

Some GK Questions from the 2016 Exam Question's PDF:

  • Monuments: Monuments reflect the material prosperity and development of culture e.g. Taxshila monuments about Kushans and Stupas, Chaityas and Vihars about Maurya.
  • Vedas: Vedas point out features and development of different dynasties, 
    • Samveda says about the art of music (i.e. melodies)
    • Yajurveda: It is known as ritual Veda.
    • Rigveda deals about Archery and known as “Thefrst testament of mankind.”
    •  Atharvaveda: It is the latest of the four. It is about beliefs and superstitions.
  • Upanishad: It is anti-ritualistic in nature. It deals about the theories of creation of the universe and doctrine of action.
  • Sutras: Sutras deal about rituals, Sanskaras, social life, Medical science etc.

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